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Summer School Testimonials

Summer School TestimonialsStudent Comments

Over 4400 students attended Chinook's Summer School in 2019. Here are some of their comments:

  • "My summer school experience has been great and I'm happy to know that I will be able to understand and remember this course." - B. L.
  • "I am currently taking Mathematics 10C Reframed and it has changed my view on how to learn math, how easy it can be." - A.A.
  • "Overall, summer school has been an excellent opportunity to not only learn, but to meet new people, refresh my learning skills for the next year." - N.S.
  • "I have thoroughly enjoyed summer school as of now, despite the bad reputation. The fast space of summer school has always scared me, but it is nothing to worry about! It has been intellectually pleasing, as a result of the fast pace yet has not been too challenging. I quite enjoy it." - V.R.
  • "Summer school has been a great experience for me, although waking up early is troublesome. It is worth it to be able to learn so much in such little time, the teacher is good at informing us about what is important in what we learn. It’s been great and I'm hoping to do it in next years summer." - T.W.